Best Birthday Gifts – Ideas & Tips for a Girlfriend’s Present

When shopping for a girlfriend, it can be difficult to choose birthday gifts. Ideas may need to fit within a particular budget, and should be appropriate for the relationship. At the same time, it’s important to keep her tastes and interests in mind. Need some help? Try these birthday present ideas.

Appropriate Birthday Presents for Girlfriends

Picking out a girlfriend’s birthday present can be complicated. The boyfriend typically needs to choose a gift that she will enjoy, while carefully avoiding any additional message. A gift that is too casual may infer that there is no future to the relationship, while a gift that is overly sentimental may convey more meaning than the boyfriend intends.

Although not every woman will read a hidden message into birthday gifts, there’s no reason to tempt fate by giving an inappropriate gift. Try these suggestions for birthday presents that depend on the type of relationship.

  • For the casual relationship – Take her out for the day to celebrate her birthday at an amusement park or some other public place. Buy her a keepsake to commemorate the day, and have fun.
  • A serious relationship – Take her out to a special dinner, buy her roses, and give her a small gift. A new bottle of her favorite perfume or a pair of nice but not extravagant earrings are good choices.
  • For the really serious relationship – Consider an engagement ring as the most special birthday gift. Alternatively, plan a private dinner, present her with flowers and a few well-chosen gifts. Simple jewelry, such as a bracelet, a nice watch, earrings or an anklet makes a great birthday gift as well.

Affording a Birthday Gift for Her

Before going shopping for a birthday gift for her, figure out the price range for her present. As a general rule, expensive gifts should be saved for long-term relationships, but that doesn’t mean that a new girlfriend should get a cheap tee-shirt for her birthday. It is always possible to find inexpensive gifts that don’t look stingy.

  • Under $20.00 – Try a collection of small items, purchased at clearance sales. (Just make sure to remove the price tags.) For example, a small gift bag containing a relaxing instrumental CD, a new pair of earbuds and a sleep mask to help her get more restful sleep is a thoughtful birthday gift, yet very inexpensive.
  • Under $100.00 – A tasteful pair of earrings or a simple bracelet, with an elaborate flower arrangement will come in under a hundred dollars.
  • Over $100.00 – For more expensive gift ideas, consider a mini-vacation to a luxurious resort or a shopping trip to her favorite store.

Birthday Present Ideas for All Situations

Each relationship is unique, so it’s important to choose birthday presents that fit in with a relationship. Birthday gifts should be appropriate for the level of commitment as well as the budget of the boyfriend and girlfriend. Need more suggestions? Visit Always On My Heart for great ideas.

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