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2010 Film Awards Season

The 2010 Golden Globes are over but before knowing the Academy Awards contenders on February 2nd, there is a third and final step these nervous thespians and filmmakers have to go through; the 2010 Screen Actors Guild Awards. These awards will seal the deal for some and mix up the cards for others. As soon as the Oscar noms are out, the real speculations can begin. Will we see the usual suspects as nominees or will we witness some surprises.? Could Abbie Cornish be nominated for her role in Bright Star? Could Penelope Cruz recieve a second nomination for her role in Almodovar’s Broken Embraces? How about The Hurt Locker‘s Jeremy Renner, does he have a shot at the golden boy?

The Unshakable Ones:

Oscar buzz might be ephemeral but these three actors have more than just buzz, they have unshakable praise.

The first certainty this season is that Jeff Bridges will not only recieve a nomination for his role in Crazy Heart but he will be crowned as best actor, an award that he should’ve recieved for his portrayal of “The Dude” in the now cult-classic The Big Lebowski. Another thespian that sealed the deal is best supporting actor Christoph Waltz. He racked up nom after nom and award after award since the season started and his winning streak is not fading away anytime soon. His win may be a lock, but his category might have a little change in the nominees by adding Alfred Molina.

Last but not surely not the least is the star of the year, the certainty of the season, best supporting actress Mo’nique for her surprising and brilliant transformation in Precious. The other women in the category are going to have to be satisfied with their nomination because Mo’nique has this one in the bag!

The Rise of America’s Sweetheart: Sandra VS Meryl

Pre-oscar award shows might be premonitory but thanks to the Hollywood gods there is still an element of uncertainty when Oscar night comes around. One of the categories that is not set in gold yet is the best actress category. The battle is brewing since the first award show. The fight is between the winners of the Critics Choice Award for best actress; Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep. The apparent favorite Carey Mulligan did not get past the nomination status nieither has Precious ingenue Gabourey SadibeSandra Bullock and Meryl Streep tied at the CCA and each recieved a Golden statuette at the Golden Globes, Streep for best actress in a comedy or musical and Bullock for best actress in a drama. The SAG could probably untie the race and give us a better idea of who will win. Obviously the great Meryl Streep is considered, by many, as a shoe in for the Oscar win but this year has proven to be golden for Sandra Bullock. Box office gold, statuette gold and now the main competition to the leader of all actors; Meryl Streep. Win or loose, Sandra won the respect of her peers and finally, as she said “came to the other side.

Her performance in The Blind Side seem, to some but definitely not me, as banal. This is the reason why so many people were surprised of all the critical acclaim surrounding it. Bullock’s performance was all but banal. She did not scream or cry constantly or overdid it. Her portrayal of Michael Ohers adoptive mom Leigh Anne Tuohy was with no artifice or packaging, it was simple and subtle which made it the more powerful. That’s the source of Sandra Bullock’s appeal and strength. Her natural portrayal of everyday characters is what made her career until now, and The Blind Side is her golden ticket to better, meatier and more dramatic roles.

The Battle of the Exes-Cameron VS Bigelow

The next battle we are privileged to witness is the battle of the exes. Pioneering AVATAR director James Cameron and indie princess Katheryn Bigelow, director of The Hurt Locker are toe to toe in two of the most important categories; best picture and best director. Cameron got the Globe and Bigelow the CCA, the SAG could tilt the race one way or another. (The SAG will vote for The Hurt Locker, the film is more focused on story and actors, the Academy might however side with the megastar AVATAR)

Once lovers and now competitors, the battle is positively personal. The quintessential fight between the blockbuster monster and the little movie that could is well underway and Oscar night might finally put the debate to rest. What is a best movie exactly? Is it the story, the development of characters, the cinematography (real or blue screen), the special effects in it? Will Cameron’s vision take home the gold or will it be Bigelow’s realism? Only Oscar knows!

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