Common Jobs with a High Risk of Asbestos Exposure Common Jobs with a High Risk of Asbestos Exposure Common Jobs with a High Risk of Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos Jobs


Thirteen Most Common Jobs With High Asbestos Exposure
Although for the most part, the use of asbestos has phased out, there are still many people who at some point or another, were exposed to asbestos over the last few decades and only now have begun showing symptoms of diseases that are asbestos-related.

Quite a few people did contract a disease the is asbestos related due to being exposed at work. However, occupational exposure did not only affect the workers themselves. Quite a lot of people received did have second-hand exposure to asbestos from being in contact with someone who unknowingly brought home asbestos fibers on their hair, body or clothing.

Most Common Jobs With High Asbestos Exposure
Most people who underwent asbestos exposure did so in an industrial environment. People who worked in the industries or the occupations listed below may have at some point or another in their career, been exposed to asbestos:

Construction Workers - here asbestos was incorporated into many building materials such as pipes, ceiling and floor tiles, siding, roof shingles, and joint compound as well as fireproofing.

Auto Mechanics - here asbestos was used in clutches and brake linings.

Electricians - Here commonly asbestos was used as an insulator in high-voltage and motors and switchgear and wiring, and typically electrons worked around fireproofing and joint compound.

Drywall Installers - the main exposure to asbestos here was when it is taping of the compounds that were used and smoothed the tape which covered any seams between the sheets.

Insulators - basically any work surrounding insulators where the installation or removal of asbestos block insulation, asbestos pipe covering, or asbestos cement was required.

Firefighters - firefighter is exposed to a wide array of construction compounds and materials while fighting fires that take place in the older building, they also wore asbestos suits to prevent themselves from being injured.

Mining Operations here the danger was asbestos as a contaminant.

Shipbuilders and Longshoremen - here workers were exposed to huge amounts of asbestos as they unloaded asbestos fiber as well as other cargo that contained asbestos while repairing or constructing vessels.

Railroad Workers - here asbestos was used in brake linings, insulation, and other areas.

Pipefitters and Plumbers - this also includes steamfitters who worked with asbestos packing and gaskets as well as the insulation that the popes they were repairing contained.

Boilermakers and Brick Masons - they were exposed to the rope, gaskets, refractory mortars, insulation, and cement to insulate furnaces and boilers as well as the associated piping.

Sheet Metal Workers - asbestos was common in protective gear as well as in construction materials.

Teachers - here there was exposure in the classroom from disturbed, damaged, or worn building material or from teaching the art classes that used asbestos materials.

Many of the above - mentioned workers or those who had positions in these industries who are at risk from having been exposed to asbestos are union members. If you or someone you love may have an on-the-job problem due to asbestos exposure, it is highly recommended that you immediately get in touch with your union representative, they can assist you with what should proceed.